In order to view most of the sections on the site you will have to register. You can do that on the Classmates page and this will let you view the entire site. It is not necessary, when you initially register, to provide all the information about yourself on the Classmates page ; you can go back later and do that.  We encourage everyone to participate by posting their profile on the Classmates page.

Please fill out your name and address. Only your city and state will be displayed, but your whole address will enable us to update our files. If you would like classmates to be able to email you, include your email address, which will not be displayed on the site, but will create a prompt at the end of your profile. It's your choice if you would like to include a message, a favorite memory and a current or past photo.
Your profile will be displayed as soon as it is viewed by either Marcia Pickett Hutcheson or Rick Hernan who are the website administrators. Be patient with us as it sometimes takes a few hours before we view your submission and approve it. This guarantees that only our classmates will be listed. Your user name and password will allow you to edit your information at any time.
If you have any questions, please send an email using the Contact Us page.

*your profile includes a user name and password. The user name will be displayed if you post to the Message Boards, so it is suggested that you just use your first name or some variation of your name as your user name.
We have password protected all but this page and the Welcome page.   Only registered classmates will have access to these pages and entries will be approved before being placed on the website.